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Friday, April 20, 2012

Book Review: Wife For Hire

Wife for Hire (published as Loveswept in 1990)
Janet Evanovich

Genre: Romance
Publication:  2007 (first published 1990)
Rating: 2/5

Hank Mallone knows he's in trouble when Maggie Toone agrees to pretend to be his wife in order to improve his rogue's reputation. Will his harebrained scheme to get a bank loan for his business backfire once Maggie arrives in his small Vermont town and lets the gossips take a look?

Maggie never expected her employer to be drop-dead handsome, but she's too intrigued by his offer to say no . . . and too eager to escape a life that made her feel trapped. The deal is strictly business, both agree, until Hank turns out to be every fantasy she ever had.

I’m a fan of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. When I saw this book, I knew that I have to read it. Wife for Hire is one of Evanovich’s early works before the Stephanie Plum series. Besides, I’ve read Love Overboard and thought that it was quite good.  

But I was a bit disappointed with this one. The plot was unbelievable, flat and boring. Most of all, I couldn’t believe that the characters fell in love with each other in a single day. It was dumb since there wasn’t much attraction going on in the book. I’m really frustrated with this one. 

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