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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Book Review: Gastro Detective

Gastro Detective: A Frank Bruno Novel
Vincent McConeghy

Genre: Mystery, Crime, Culinary
Publication:  November, 2010
Website: Gastro Detective
Buy: Amazon

As a foodie, a culinary arts graduate and a mystery lover, I just can’t ignore this book. The synopsis and cover piqued me to read this book! Gastro Detective is more than a culinary-mystery book as I expected it would be. The author also included a bit of economy – food inflation and politic in his writing. I haven’t read much book as this one. I think it’s quite refreshing to learn on what’s been happening to the food industry.

I really enjoy the book. I love McConeghy style and humor. I like the concept of Frank Bruno as a food detective. I was definitely hooked up with the opening chapter. But I was a bit disappointed with the ending. Sure, I like the twist McConeghy had in the book. But I think the ending could have been better. I wish Frank Bruno would do more investigation on the murder. I wish McConeghy would focus more on the thriller and mystery in his writing.

I think this is my first book from an indie writer!

Book cover description:
Gastro Detective marks the advent of a new genre for the fiction thriller category-the Resto Thriller- where food, finance, global politics and the recurring drama of the restaurant business collide with dramatic and unexpected consequences.

Chef Joe Bass, owner of a celebrated regional restaurant and well-known television personality on Food Network, has been murdered in the kitchen of his eponymous restaurant. His sudden and unexpected demise prompts the return of life-long friend Frank Bruno, who is also immersed in a high-level facet of the food industry for the U.S. government, far beyond the machinations of sole proprietorship.

Yet, as the nitty-gritty of a return to life in the restaurant business envelopes him, Frank Bruno is reminded that the fundamentals of food, family and restaurants remain the same.

It’s a hands-on business where everyone’s hands are dirty.

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