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Sunday, September 18, 2016

#BookReview Sula's Voyage by Catherine Torres

Sula's Voyage
by Catherine Torres

Genre: Adventure, Contemporary, Fantasy, Young Adult
Publication:  May 2016 by Scholastic
Format: Paperback, 226 pages
Source: Author, Publisher
Connect: Website | Facebook | Goodreads
Fifteen-year-old Sula has always known she is different. Even though her parents have shown her nothing but love and acceptance, she sees her dark skin as a reminder of how she doesn’t fit in with the rest of her family.

What’s worse is she also feels that her parents are hiding something from her. After getting expelled from school, Sula reluctantly goes to stay with her mother’s friends. There she unexpectedly finds herself on a journey of self-discovery — a journey that keeps drawing her to the sea. Sula must not only figure our her parents’ secret, but also just how different, and possibly magical, she really is.

Sula has always been different than her parents. She often wondered why her skins are darker than her family. Because of her difference, it was hard for her to fit in with her schoolmates and the rest of her family. When Sula's father went away to further his career, Sula and her mother headed to Puerto Galera and stayed with her mother's friend. There, Sula began to learn about herself. What makes her different and special.

I enjoyed the book. The story flowed really well. I love the elements of fantasy and mystery in the book. I love Sula. She's one of the girls who always got bullied at school, and that made her stronger. I love the way Sula and her parent's dealt with the school. The side characters were really great and memorable. I especially love Pablo and Mira.

Sula's Voyage is definitely a page turner. I enjoyed reading about Philipines and its culture. The truth about Sula and her family was what I have expected, but still, I truly enjoyed Sula's adventure to self-discovery. 

I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher in exchange for my review.


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