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Welcome to my blog, ai love books.

You may call me Nash. I'm from Malaysia and an ex-culinary student. I love baking, experimenting new things in the kitchen, reading and writing whenever I'm not too busy fangirling over fictional characters. 

My favorite genre would be chicklit, contemporary romance, young adult, mystery/crime/thriller, and anything with humor. I could read any genre, but I would prefer not to read or review anything religious or too erotic. 

Currently I am a freeter doing this and that. I also own a home-based bakery called Ai Foodies. I made cake, cupcakes and other sweet things for living. I enjoyed good food, good coffee and good books. Hopefully, someday I could be a proud owner of a book cafe.

You can email me at It usually took me a while to reply, but I will try my best to reply. You may also find me in other social media platform such as, twitter: @nashnordin and Instagram: @aifoodies 

Have a nice day!

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