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Friday, April 13, 2012

Book Review: Ever

Gail Carson Levine

Pages: 244
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance
Publication: 2008
Rating: 2/5

Falling in love is easy . . .

. . . for Kezi, a beautiful mortal, dancer, and rug weaver, and for Olus, Akkan god of the winds. Their love brings Kezi the strength to fight her fate, and it gives Olus the strength to confront his fears. Together—and apart—they encounter spiders with webs of iron, the cruel lord of the land of the dead, the mysterious god of destiny, and the tests of the Akkan gods. If they succeed, they will be together; but if they fail, Olus will have to endure the ultimate loss, and Kezi will have to make the supreme sacrifice.

I’m a big fan of Ella Enchanted. I read it a few years ago and immediately smitten with Levine’s story telling. It was fun, witty and I absolutely adore the character. However, I was a bit disappointed with this book. 

Ever was written with Olus and Kezi’s narration switching with each chapter. I find that Levine’s writing style was different in this book. It is too simple. It almost makes me feel like the sentences were not complete. What sadden me was that the romance between Olus and Kezi seemed a bit rushed. I thought the story—the love story was bland. The character was bland.

Great  plot, easy read. But I think the story could be developed into something better.

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