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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Book Review: The Fairy’s Return and Other Princess Tales

The Fairy’s Return and Other Princess Tales 
Gail Carson Levine

Genre: Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Young Adult
Publication: 2009
Format: Paperback, 390 pages
Buy: Amazon

The Fairy’s Return and Other Princess Tales is a collection of fairy tales that are retold by Gail Carson Levine. The book contained six princesses’ short stories — The Fairy Mistake (Toads and Princesses), The Princess Test (The Princess and The Pea), Princess Sonora and The Long Sleep (Sleeping Beauty), Cinderellis and The Glass Hills (The Princess and The Glass Hills), For Biddle’s Sake (Puddocky) and The Fairy’s Return (The Golden Goose).

I was a bit skeptical after reading the first story, The Fairy Mistake. I knew that I’ve heard the story before and I wasn’t expecting that Levine would do a good job on retelling other stories. But halfway through the book, I fell in love with Levine’s Princess Sonora and The Long Sleep — Levine’s version of Sleeping Beauty. This story is my favorite among all of them. In this version, Princess Sonora was granted with intelligence. She can talk when she was just a baby. Instead of avoiding herself from the curse where she would be prick by a spindle, she decided to prick herself when the right time comes. But then, an accident occurred…

The story was short and sweet. I kind of like Levine’s style in this book as compared to the last book I read from her, Ever. But I probably enjoy it a bit more if I were a child.

Book cover’s description:
What would you do if diamonds and rubies tumbled out of your mouth every time you spoke? Well, that′s what happens to Rosella after a run with a misguided fairy in "A Fairy′s Mistake." If you were turned into a toad, would you pine after your prince as much as Parsley does in "For Biddle′s Sake?"

The road to happily-ever-after is never easy, but the masterful touch of Newbery Honor author Gail Carson Levine will keep readers laughing their way through these fresh retellings of popular fairy tales.
All six of Gail Carson Levine′s beloved PRINCESS TALES in one book!


  1. Lots of princess tales! Wow, did she really chose when she wanted to prick her own finger? Interesting twist!

    1. Yes! Levine made lots of interesting twist with the fairy tales :)



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