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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Book Review: When You Open Your Eyes

When You Open Your Eyes
Celeste Conway

Genre: Young Adult, Romance
Publication: March 2012
Format: Paperback, 320 Pages
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Tessa’s life changed when her family moved to Argentina. She met her new friends and fell in love with Lucient, the son of a French diplomat. Lucient changed as he went back from a trip from Rome with his mother. Tessa then learned that Lucient had an illness – mental illness. Soon, Lucient started to push Tessa away from his life without any explanation. Then Tessa found out why Lucient did that, and everything wasn’t the same. This book was probably about a young girl who had to face a few changes in her life. She started to hang around with the wrong people and fell in love with someone who is a bad influence to her.

I’m not sure what to say of this book. The writing was alright. Sadly, the plot was not. The beginning of the book was quite confusing. I wasn’t sure of what was happening to Tessa and her friends. The middle was a bit slow. But I can’t stop reading it because I expect something to happen. And it was towards the end when there’s finally something. It was really frustrating when a writer stashed everything important towards the ending. 

Book Cover’s Description:
The more you love, the more you stand to lose….Tessa’s head over heels for Lucien, the son of a French diplomat. Sexy, artistic, and daring, he brings out a completely new side of her. With him, Tessa feels beautiful and exotic. So when Tessa’s strict father forbids her to see Lucien, she’s determined to keep their relationship a secret.But as Tessa gets caught up in Lucien, he becomes increasingly volatile. What she once found alluring about him now feels alarming. Tessa must figure out how far she’ll go for Lucien before she risks losing not just him, but everything she loves.

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