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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

#BookReview Love, Reality Style by Judith Natelli McLaughlin

Love, Reality Style
by Judith Natelli McLaughlin

Genre: Romance, Chick Lit, Drama, Contemporary, Women Fiction
Publication: 7th 2016 by Blue Moon Publishers
Format: ebooks
Source: Netgalley, Author, Publisher
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When cake-loving third-grade teacher Mary Grace Falcone receives a proposition of marriage from her germ-phobic boyfriend Ralph Ichy, her comfortable life is thrown into a tailspin. Should she marry Ralph? The man dubbed "the CEO of Antiseptic Hands"? Reluctantly, and despite the differing opinions of her best friends Jayde and Annie, Mary Grace accepts. Her decision gets her meddling mother off her back, but also lands her on a reality wedding show where handsome host, Nick Charmin, unexpectedly falls for her.

Will Mary Grace choose hot Nick or faithful Ralph? Is the decision really hers to make? And, is a slice of cake actually the answer to all of life's problems?

I'm such a sucker for books with a food theme. When I heard that the main character, Mary Grace love cake, I know that I need to read this book.

I love the idea of the book, with Mary Grace's hesitation to accept her germ-phobic boyfriend, Ralph Ichy, proposal. I’m sure that many could relate to Mary Grace’s situation. She just wasn’t sure if Ralph was the right man for her. And then, there was her meddlesome friends and mom.

I have to say that I wasn’t a big fan of Mary Grace. Especially after she accepted Ralph’s proposal and met Nick Charmin, the handsome TV host of the wedding show she joined. I thought that Mary Grace’s and Nick’s attraction towards each other came a bit forced and sudden. There are times when I thought that Mary Grace didn’t deserve Ralph. He’s a nice guy, despite being a germ-phobic. He lived with his mother, but only because he loved her, and she was in a situation.

The supporting characters made the book much interesting. Mary Grace’s friends, Jayde, and Annie were two interesting characters. I love how they both have different personalities and advice to Mary Grace. But Mary Grace’s mom definitely irritated me with her attitude to her daughter. 

Love, Reality Style is a quick romance read. The book was written in several point-of-views, but, mainly focusing on Mary Grace’s. I wish that the author concentrates on Mary Grace’s alone. I didn’t like how I get to see a glimpse of Jayde and Annie’s life, but, I didn’t get to learn what happen to the rest of their stories.

I received a copy of this book from the Netgalley & Blue Moon Publishers in exchange for my review.

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