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Monday, June 27, 2016

#BookReview Fixin' To Die by Tonya Kappes

Fixin' To Die
(A Kenni Lowry Mystery)
by Tonya Kappes

Genre: Cozy Mystery, Chick Lit, Crime, Mystery
Publication: June 14th, 2016 by Henery Press
Format: ebooks
Source: NetGalley, Henery Press
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Kenni Lowry likes to think the zero crime rate in Cottonwood, Kentucky is due to her being sheriff, but she quickly discovers the ghost of her grandfather, the town’s previous sheriff, has been scaring off any would-be criminals since she was elected. When the town’s most beloved doctor is found murdered on the very same day as a jewelry store robbery, and a mysterious symbol ties the crime scenes together, Kenni must satisfy her hankerin’ for justice by nabbing the culprits.

With the help of her Poppa, a lone deputy, and an annoyingly cute, too-big-for-his-britches State Reserve officer, Kenni must solve both cases and prove to the whole town, and herself, that she’s worth her salt before time runs out.

Fixin' To Die by Tonya Kappes is definitely a good, cozy mystery  read around. It was fascinating to see a bit of mystery and supernatural combined in a book. Kenni Lowry, a sheriff, faced a murder case and a jewelry store robbery on the same day.  And somehow, a mystery symbol ties the two case together. It was up to Kenni to solve the mystery.

I love Kenni as the main character. It was exciting to know that she's a sheriff. This is the first murder case she had as a sheriff and Kenni must solve the two cases with the help of her Poppa's ghost (my favorite character in the book) and the State Reserve officer, Finn.

This is definitely a cozy mystery read that I really enjoyed. The plot was nice, fun, exciting and believable. There are a little bit of twist here and there keeps me guessing until the end. I enjoy the bits of romance between Kenni and the Finn. Oh well. It wasn't really a romance. But, Kenni does have a crush on Finn. I'm excited to see them again in the next book.

I received a copy of this book from the Netgalley & Henery Press in exchange for my review.

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