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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Book Review: Inkdeath

Inkdeath (Inkworld #3)
by Cornelia Funke

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Young Adult
Publication: June 1st 2009 by Chicken House
Format: Paperback, 699 pages
Life in the Inkworld has been far from easy since the extraordinary events of Inkspell, when the story of Inkheart magically drew Meggie, Mo and Dustfinger back into its pages. With Dustfinger dead, and the evil Adderhead now in control, the story in which they are all caught has taken an unhappy turn. Even Elinor, left alone in the real world, believes her family to be lost - lost between the covers of a book. But as winter comes on there is reason to hope - if only Meggie and Mo can rewrite the wrongs of the past and make a dangerous pact with death.

It is safe to say that Inkheart Series is one of my favorite series of all time. Cornelia Funke has succeeded in delivering the story and put it all together without lose ends.

Inkdeath was a bit darker and slow than the other two books – inkheart and inkspell. There were a lot of death and suffering of people in the Ink World since Inkspell. In previous book, Inskpell, Mo had bind Adderhead a book of immortality and the only way to kill him was to write three words into the same book. And because of this, Adderhead wants Mo dead. 

The characters changed a lot! Mo, the bookbinder for example was tangled with the story when he start playing the character, Bluejay – a character like Robin Hood which Fenoglio created with writing a song about him. Somehow, I get the feeling that Mo become sad and lonely in this book.  The other characters went through a lot of trial that they have become stronger and brave. I love the relationship between Maggie, Mo and Resa. I love how Maggie and Resa are constantly worried about Mo. They showed how important it is to stay as family.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed every bit of adventure the characters went through – like how Mo went to the castle to save the children or the part where he went to see the white woman to save Dust finger.  And the part where Darius read both him and Elinor into the book and Elinor is now reunited with her family!

The world of Inkheart in my opinion is a wonderful one. The writing was beautiful! Reading it makes you want to get into the book along with the other characters. I wanted to see Ombra, fire dancer, the black prince and his bear and so much more. I understood right away how Maggie and the others felt when they wanted to get themselves into the book to experience the world of Inkheart. I would recommend anyone to read this series.

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