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Monday, December 10, 2012

Blog Tour: The Comrades by Lynne Sears Williams

The Comrades
by Lynne Sears Williams

Genre: Historical Romance
Publication: August 15th 2011
Format: ebook, 447 pages
9th century Wales...

Evan, king of Powys, returns from a wedding to find a village ransacked, with women and children dead. Neighboring Gwynedd has broken the peace, crossing the mountain to pillage and murder. The dead babes tear his heart, and Evan vows to break the heart of Gwynedd.

Gwynedd’s most guarded treasure is a pampered princess. In a bloody raid, Evan’s comrades return to Powys with Gwynedd’s heart. Evan knows holding the princess will be dangerous and her safe-keeping may mean the difference between the lasting peace he desires and a bloody war. He’s prepared for her to be kept safe but unprepared for the girl’s intelligence, compassion and damnably kissable mouth.

“Evan took in the vision of a scarlet gown, which barely disguised the shapely form and a river of black curls that caressed to girl’s waist. Oh, Lord. He wished he had ordered sackcloth.”

Morleyna’s secret gift of Sight reveals a cruel betrayal that sends Evan on a mystical journey where he discovers his only chance for redemption rests in the hands of his captive.

Her brothers will arrive to claim their sapphire-eyed sister. Will her kinsmen, bent on revenge, destroy Evan and his comrades? Or will destruction come from Morleyna who may be the reincarnation of someone whose beauty captivated a nation?

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Wow! The Comrades is another book I thought I may not enjoy as I did. I’m guessing that it was because of the cover. I’m the type of person who would judge a book by its cover. But I choose to read The Comrades because the synopsis was very interesting. I was glad that I gave this book a try.

The Comrades got off with a slow start. It was a bit confusing with the introduction of many characters – Evan, Gareth, Owen and more. I had a hard time figuring out who is who at first. But it began to get less confusing once I get to know the character a lot more. But still, The Comrades had a good plot, memorable and powerful characters, sweet romance and I kinda like Lynne Sears Williams writing style. It was very relaxing and easy to follow. The dialogues and interaction between the characters are smooth.

I like Evan as a character. He’s a very kind man, in my opinion. I love the relationship between Evan and his men. The men are very loyal to Evan and together they are hilarious. I found myself grinning at most of the scene. I think the relationship between them is what I like the most in the book. I didn’t get to read lots of books with interesting relationship between the men. Well, mostly, the books I read would be focusing more on the girls’ relationship with her friends...

I like Morleyna’s character as well. She’s strong and I simply could not ignore the compassion she had towards other characters although she was kept as Evan’s hostage. The scene between Evan and Morleyna was something to look forward for. Although, I wish the author would write a little bit more on Morleyna’s gift of Sight.

I would totally recommend this book to anyone who loves historical romance a good plot with princess and gorgeous men, slow and constructing romance with bits of humor and magic.

** I receive a copy of the book from the author for review as part of the blog tour.

About the Author: Worked as a writer for Canadian and American Medical journals, afflicted with a law degree. The street where we lived had contaminated water. Only 10 houses but 4 kids have law degrees. Coincidence? Doubt it! THE COMRADES deals with love, war and law.

You can find Lynne at her Website, Twitter, and Facebook

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