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Monday, July 16, 2012

Book Review: I Suck at Girls

I Suck at Girls
by Justin Halpern

Genre: Humor, Non Fiction, Autobiography
Publication: May 2012
Format: Paperback, 180 pages

I’ve been looking forward to read this book since I read Justin Halpern’s first book, Sh*t My Dad Says. In this book, the author wanted to propose to his girlfriend and decided to consult his father for advice. Then, his father told him that when he planned to ask his mother to marry him, he spent a day to rethink of everything that he had learned about himself and woman. And that is exactly the author did. Anyway, I can’t believe that this guy makes money with writing his memoir on his experience (or lack of experience) with girls!!!

Although this book isn’t as funny as the first one, it is still one of the books that will make you laugh out loud. His dad still gives him (while offensive to some) straightforward advices to him. I didn’t really mind what his father’s way of giving message to his son as I got a friend whose father speak like that. I absolutely enjoy this autobiography. It was a quick read which you may finish in a few hours. 

Book Cover’s Description

"Human beings fear the unknown. So, whatever's freaking you out, grab it by the balls and say hello. Then it ain't the unknown anymore and it ain't scary. Or I guess it could be a shitload scarier."

Fans of the #1 bestseller "Sh*t My Dad Says" will recognize the always-patient voice of Justin Halpern's dad as it crackles through the pages of this hysterical new book. The story begins when Justin takes his dad out to lunch to announce that he's decided to propose to his girlfriend.

"You've been dating her for four years," his dad replies. "It ain't like you found a parallel fucking universe."

But eventually he gives Justin some advice: that he should take a day off and think back over everything he's learned in life about women, relationships, and himself before making his decision. And that's just what Justin does--revisiting everything from his disastrous childhood crushes to the night he finally lost his virginity while working as a dishwasher at Hooters.

"I Suck at Girls" is full of his dad's patented brand of wisdom. But it's also full of new characters just as funny as his dad--from his brother, who provides insights into wedding night rituals ("You stand in one corner of the room, and she stands in the other. You each take off one piece of clothing at a time") to his first boss, who warns Justin to man up: "That's what a man does. He takes his shots and then he scrubs the shit out of some dishes." The result is a pilgrim's progress through the landscape of sex and love--by one of the funniest writers at work today.

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