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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Book Review: 7 Clues to Winning You

by Kristin Walker

Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Humor
Publication: April 2012
Format: Paperback, 317 pages

Blythe had her life planned out – getting into good school, good university, marrying a good husband and live happily ever after. But then her dad announced that they’re moving to Ash Groove and she’s going to be ‘the principle’s daughter’ in Ash Groove. Worse of all, she had to face that embarrassing picture that get tossed around last year.

Things weren’t pretty for Blythe when she started school. It seems that Ash Groove hasn’t forgotten that embarrassing picture from last year. The students started to mock her. Convinced that she was a victim of bullying, Blythe talked to her father (the principle) to ban the senior Scramble scavenger hunt and the school’s newspaper, Buried Ashes, which is run by none other than Luke Pavel.

Then things started to get worse. The students started to hate her and Blythe realized that she had made a terrible mistake. She realized that what she did was revenge. To make things right, Blythe teamed up with Luke and set up the senior Scramble scavenger hunt. And this time, they’re going underground.

I’m totally in love with the book. Sure I’ve read some funny stuff, but this book is probably the funniest book I’ve read this year. The plot is simple. But the dialogue and the characters were amazing and funny!

I really like Blythe and her narration. She was smart, funny and was not afraid to admit her mistake. I like her transformation from that really nice girl to not-so-nice girl when she had to do things to fit in with the rest of the students. The relationship between Blythe and Luke was so cute and adorable. I love what Luke did at the end of the story. CUTE!

I love Blythe’s new friends from Ash Groove, Cy and Jenna. They were a bit weird and funny. And those grandmas in the nursing home were hilarious! I absolutely adore the pair.

If you’re looking to read something fluffy and funny, this is definitely the book for you.

Book Cover’s Description
When a humiliating picture of Blythe goes viral, she's instantly the target of ridicule at her new school. To salvage her reputation, Blythe teams up with Luke to win the Senior Scramble scavenger hunt. But Luke is an unlikely ally and potentially can't be trusted.

Perhaps it's his Shakespearean witticisms that reel Blythe in despite her better judgment . . . or maybe she just craves the thrill of the game. But as the hunt progresses, their relationship heats up. Soon their madcap mischief spirals out of control. Blythe is faced with arrest and expulsion, among other catastrophes - until Luke shows her what the Scramble (and love) is really about.

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