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Monday, June 11, 2012

Book Review: To Love an Earl

To Love An Earl
by Elizabeth Thornton

Genre: Historical Romance
Publication: 1988
Format: Paperback, 476 pages
Buy: Amazon

I got ‘To Love an Earl’ for book swap with Michelle from Michelle Chew Writes. (Thanks Michelle!) I don’t usually read (or buy) historical romance book. But I’ve been receiving some historical romance books from friends :D

I suspect that the heroine, Deirdre Fenton as a masochist and the hero, Rathbourne is a sadist. Even though Rathbourne lie, manipulate, threaten and blackmail Deirdre, in the end, she still loves the man, which proves that she’s an idiot. Rathbourne isn’t any better. I mean what kind of guy who would hurt someone you love and told her that he did all that because he loves her? Unless he’s a sadist, right? What I loathed the most was the first sexual encounter where I was really sure that it is a rape which Deirdre after some time (or what some called seduction), enjoy the encounter. I think that is sick. Or crazy. Or both.

To Love an Earl in my opinion is too lengthy and too dragging. There were quite a few times when I thought ‘when will this story end?’ I grew tired when a new conflict arose just as things starting to go right. Then, there were too much unimportant details and sentences which really tempted me to skip them. But that probably had something to do with the fact that I don’t like the characters. I can’t believe I finished the book! But I probably enjoy the book a bit more if it is not too dragging...

Book Cover’s Description

A woman of remarkable beauty and indomitable will, Deirdre Fenton is determined to extricate her incorrigible brother from his latest escapade - a dalliance with a renowned actress rumoured to be enjoying carte blanche with the infamous rake and war hero, the Earl of Rathbourne. Despite her memories of the night the Earl nearly ravished her senseless - inflaming her fury and her passions - Deirdre intends to straighten out her brother, and then find a husband who will be steady and faithful. She wants no part of love, or its inevitable heartbreak.

A master strategist on the battlefield and off, Rathbourne discovers trying to breach the defences of a woman who refuses to believe in happy endings is an uphill battle. And after five years of waiting to put Deirdre in her rightful place - in his home, his bed, and his heart - he's not above putting his considerable powers of persuasion to work. Firmly convinced passion is a battlefield where love conquers all, he vows to lead them both to victory...with the tender mercies of the heart.

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