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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Book Review: Girl on the Run

Girl On The Run
by Jane Costello

Genre: Chick Lit
Publication: 2011
Format: Paperback, 455 pages

Abby Rogers was persuaded to join the running club by the head of the club, Oliver (who she referred as Doctor Dishy). But the first session with the club didn’t turn out the way she wanted to as Abby had overestimated her limit bumped into Tom, someone she didn’t really want to meet again, and worst of all, she did something embarrassing in front of him.

Abby vowed never to run again.

But then something changed when Heidi, her colleague announced shocking news. Abby is now determined to get fit and joined the half-marathon. Only this time, she’s going to run for a cause.

Girl on the Run is my second book I’ve read from Jane Costello. The first one was My Single Friend, which I enjoyed so much! After reading this book, it is safe to say that I am charmed with Jane Costello’s writing style.

Abby Rogers is so likeable from the very first page. She’s warm and funny – definitely a character that you can relate to. I like that Abby decided to run for a good cause instead of joining the club just to pursue the guy she like.

It is hard not to love the other supporting characters like Tom, Jess and Heidi. I especially love the relationship between Tom and Abby which started off in the wrong foot and gradually they become friends. Tom is really sweet and funny. I love their banter ever since they’ve met and how Tom would support Abby in her work and running.

 Overall, Girl on the Run is a story of real friendship, love and determination. It is a fun, light read and comical. It amazed me how Jane Costello could describe a simple event and turn it comically and make me laugh out loud a lot. I’m definitely not disappointed with Jane Costello’s writing. I’m looking forward to her other books!

Book Cover’s Description
He's a real catch . . . if only she could catch him up

Abby Rogers has been on health kicks before - they involve eating one blueberry muffin for breakfast instead of two. But since starting her own business, after watching one too many episodes of The Apprentice, the 28-year-old's waistline has taken even more of a back seat than her long-neglected love life.

When Abby is encouraged to join her sporty best friend's running club - by none other than its gorgeous new captain - she finds a mysterious compulsion to exercise.

Sadly, her first session doesn't go to plan. Between the obscenely unflattering pink leggings, and the fact that her lungs feel as though they've been set on fire, she vows never to return.

Then her colleague Heidi turns up at work and makes a devastating announcement, one that will change her life - and Abby's - forever.



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