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Monday, March 3, 2014

Review: Princess Avenger by Bernadette Rowley

Princess Avenger
by Bernadette Rowley

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance
Publication:  October 2012
Format: ebooks
Source: Own
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Passionate and headstrong, Alecia is no ordinary princess. Angered by the cold-blooded murder of her first love, she sets out to avenge his death.

Army Captain Vard Anton, the epitome of masculine strength and grace, is dealing with some dark secrets of his own. When he is appointed Alecia's body-guard, both find it hard to ignore the chemistry between them.

With assassination attempts and the threat of an arranged marriage looming over her, Alecia realises her time is running out. But Alecia's biggest battle is the one within as she tries to suppress the raging desire she feels for the powerfully attractive Vard. Can Alecia resist Vard while trying to exact revenge and avoiding the lecherous attentions of her husband-to-be? Will the power of love and desire be enough to unite Alecia and Vard forever?

Though separated by class and palace intrigues, Alecia and Vard are entwined by desire in this wonderful fantasy romance.
I admitted that I choose to read this book because I was attracted towards the cover. It’s beautiful. And after I read the synopsis, I knew that I have to read this. Alecia sounded like a great kick-ass heroine.

I was hooked from the first few pages of the book.  I love how Alecia went out in disguise to avenge her lover. The first meeting between Alecia and Vard was very good.  I had a really good feeling about this book. But after a while, the story started to focus more on the romance between Alecia and Vard, and Alecia’s arranged marriage. This is when I got a bit disappointed. It’s not that I didn't like Vard. He seems like a good hero with a bit mystery of his own. It’s just that I was expecting to see a lot more of Alecia in ass kicking action.

And the ending kind of makes me wonder if there will be a sequel to this book. Because this book wasn’t supposed to end just like that. There were a lot questions need to be answered. I wanted to know what happened to Alecia and Vard after that. Overall, Princess Avenger is a good read with a lot of potential. I did enjoy this book, but, just not as much as I expect.

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