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Friday, April 26, 2013

Blog Tour: Swan Story by Priya Narendran - Review

Priya Narendran is now on tour with CLP Blog Tours with her book, Swan Story. Please visit her tour page on CLP Blog Tours for more blog stop.

Swan Story
by Priya Narendran

Genre: Fairy Tale, Romance
Publication: December 2012
Format: ebooks
Author: Goodreads
Soon to be married Daniel Macgregor meets mysterious beauty Sarah Mitchell on the day his father gives him a ballet company as a present. Although at first reluctant to take on responsibility, he changes his mind when he realizes Sarah dances for the same ballet company. Over the course of the production of "Swan Lake" they fall head over heels in love. Although unknown to Daniel,Sarah is cursed to turn into a swan from sunset to sunrise and only true love will break the spell. So it makes Sarah wonder, what will happen when he finds out what she is.

I received a copy of Swan Story by Priya Narendran from CLP Blog Tour as part of the blog tour. I previously read and reviewed for Priya Narendran’s Schoolgirl Cinderella. I was excited to see how Priya was going to turn another write fairy tale, modern style since I haven’t seen many Swan Lake fairy tales retelling around. 

Daniel Macgregor’s father gave him a ballet company as his present, hoping that he will learn to take responsibility. Daniel weren’t too keen of his father’s idea, but then changed his mind when he met Sarah, a dancer in the ballet company. Sarah had a secret. She was cursed to turn into a swan from sunset to sunrise, which was why she always went back earlier than everybody else. The only way to break her curse is to find her true love.

I really like Daniel and Sarah interaction in this book. I like how they get to know each other despite Sarah keeping her secret from him. I love how Daniel grew up and decided to take his responsibility with the ballet company. He didn’t let his father decided his life. I think the pacing of the story was great. There were a few scenes that made me laughed. Overall, Swan Story was another short and light fairy tale romance. 

Author Bio:

My name is Priya Narendran and I have been a fan of paranormal fiction and fairy tales for years. I started writing when I was 7 years old and haven’t stopped writing since. So far I have written mainly fairy tale themed stories but I hope to branch out into paranormal romance and fantasy in the near future. As well as writing I’m an avid film buff and my favourite films include My Fair Lady, Amadeus, Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Shining. I tend to write mainly fairy tale re-tellings mainly because I find it fascinating to look at fairy tales through a modern lens. I hope you enjoy reading these books as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

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