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Friday, March 22, 2013

Blog Tour: Schoolgirl Cinderella by Priya Narendran - Review + Q&A

Priya Narendran is now on tour with CLP Blog Tour with her book, Schoolgirl Cinderella. Please visit her tour page on CLP Blog Tours for more blog stop.

Schoolgirl Cinderella
by Priya Narendran

Genre: Fairy Tale, Romance, Young Adult
Publication: December 27th 2012 by amazon
Format: ebooks, 120 pages
Author:  Goodreads
Seventeen year old Briony Duke lives in a manor house with her guardian Mrs. Eyres and Eyres's daughter Lucy. Mrs. Eyres makes Briony sleep in the kitchen, cook, clean and do the laundry. One day Briony meets nineteen year old Tom Logan,the sixth richest man in the country. Tom is intelligent, articulate and incredibly attractive. The only problem is. Mrs. Eyres and Lucy have also set their sights on him.

I received a copy of read Schoolgirl Cinderella by Priya Narendran  from CLP Blog Tour as part of the blog tour. I was excited to read Schoolgirl Cinderella as I’m a fan of fairy tale retelling. It was always fun to see how any author would add in a little twist and turn it into a new version of fairy tale.

Schoolgirl Cinderella began when Briony Duke lost her parents in a car accident. Briony now live with Mrs. Eyres and Lucy, Mrs. Eyres daughter after Mrs. Eyres, Briony’s father ex-associate, took Briony in her care as her guardian until she turned 18. Mrs Eyres made Briony sleep in the kitchen, cook, clean and do other chores for her. Briony was allowed to go to school so that others wouldn’t think that Mrs. Eyres was a bad guardian. Then, Briony met Tom Logan, a rich boy who was going to be an heir to a biscuit company. They fell in love.

I think Priya Narendran writing style was a bit hard for me to get into it, but still, it was a fun read. Schoolgirl Cinderella is a short, light read full of fairy tale romance. You can read and find out how Briony was going to get her happy ending within 2 to 3 hours in one sitting. 

Q&A with Priya Narendran

How and why did you become a writer?
I’ve been writing for a long time and it’s something I’ve done for a number of years. I write because I enjoy the idea of creating stories and characters purely by imagination.

Who has most influenced your writing?
I suppose it’s my English teacher who always encouraged me to write from the heart.

What inspires you?
The world around me. I think it’s so diverse and there are so many good things and bad things it’s impossible not to be affected by it on some level.

How would you describe your books?
They are meant to give people a sense of hope as all my characters go through a lot of adversity and torment but there’s always a happy ending.

Why did you choose fairy tale retelling?
Like most people I love fairy tales, And I think any person young or old can relate to it in some way because the base material has been around for hundreds of years.

What is your favorite fairy tale as a kid? What about now?
Cinderella is my favourite from my childhood and also in my adult years. I love the theme of Prince Charming falling in love with a commoner and ending up marrying her.

What is your favorite fairy tale retelling book?
I quite like Beastly, Only because Beauty and the Beast is my second favourite fairy tale of all time.

What are you working on now?
I’m taking a break from writing for a few months and trying to find a good idea for my next book.

Anything you want to say to your reader?
I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.

Author Bio: 

My name is Priya Narendran and I have been a fan of paranormal fiction and fairy tales for years. I started writing when I was 7 years old and haven’t stopped writing since. So far I have written mainly fairy tale themed stories but I hope to branch out into paranormal romance and fantasy in the near future. As well as writing I’m an avid film buff and my favourite films include My Fair Lady, Amadeus, Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Shining. I tend to write mainly fairy tale re-tellings mainly because I find it fascinating to look at fairy tales through a modern lens. I hope you enjoy reading these books as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

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