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Friday, November 23, 2012

Book Review: Scandalous

by Tilly Bagshawe

Genre: Adult, Chick Lit, Romance
Publication: 2010 by HarperCollins
Format: Paperback, 406 pages
Sasha Miller comes to Cambridge with a dream and leaves on a mission. After falling for the lies and charms of her Director of Studies ′Theo Dexter′ she finds herself betrayed, humiliated and nursing a bundle of broken dreams. Heading to the US she is determined to rebuild her life.

Years later, Sasha emerges from Harvard Business School with one thing on her mind, the downfall of the now famous Professor Theo Dexter.

Meanwhile Theo′s long suffering wife Theresa also finds herself betrayed and cast aside for a younger and prettier model. Unable to cope she returns to Cambridge a broken woman and tries to rebuild her life away from the scheming Theo Dexter.

One night Sasha turns up at Theresa′s door, she wants revenge at any cost, will Theresa help her?

From the deepest betrayal comes a shocking alliance.

Two vengeful women, one very unlucky man ...

This is the first Tilly Bagshawe work I’ve read. I have to say that I wasn’t expecting much from it. But I was hooked with the summary and decided to give it a try. Betrayal and revenge. Wow! These weren’t the usual combination I always read in my chick lit. I’m excited! 

The beginning of the Scandalous by Tilly Bagshawe was a bit slow. It began with young Sasha Miller coming to Cambridge with her passion on physics. Later, she fell for her Director of Studies, Theo Dexter lies and become entangled with him. But Theo broke her dreams and heart with his betrayal. Determine to destroy Theo for what he did, Sasha headed towards US to rebuild her life with a plan to destroy her professor for what he did.

I love the characters, mostly Sasha. It was great to see how she went through with everything after the betrayal.  The storyline was a bit predictable, but still, the book was enjoyable and I admit that I could not stop reading this book once Theo betrayed Sasha because that is where things are getting interesting.

Overall, Scandalous is a nice fun read. I would definitely recommend it.

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