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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

BookReview: The Goat Children by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek

The Goat Children
by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek

Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult, Fantasy
Publication:  March 23rd, 2016 by CHBB Publishing
Format: ebooks
Source: ARC
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When Keziah’s grandmother, Oma, is diagnosed with dementia, Keziah faces two choices: leave her family and move to New Winchester to care for Oma, or stay in New York City and allow her grandmother to live in a nursing home miles away.

The dementia causes Oma to be rude and paranoid, nothing like the woman Keziah remembers. Each day becomes a greater weight and love a harsher burden. Keziah must keep Oma from wandering off or falling, and try to convince her grandmother to see a doctor as her eyesight and hearing fail, but Oma refuses to believe anything is wrong. Resentful of her hardships in New Winchester, Keziah finds herself drawn to Oma’s ramblings about the Goat Children, a mythical warrior class. These fighters ride winged horses, locating people in need while attempting to destroy evil in the world. Oma sees the Goat Children everywhere, and as Keziah reads the stories Oma wrote about them, she begins to question if they really exist.

I have previously read a few fantasy works from the author and I absolutely love them. I was a bit worried when I pick up this book because the story is a bit different than the author's other work, but I have to say that I'm glad this book didn't disappoint me. 

Keziah volunteered to look after her Oma who was diagnosed with dementia. It was hard for Keziah to look after Oma, especially since dementia caused Oma to be paranoid about things around her. When her Oma was in a better mood, she would tell Keziah about Goat Children, the mystical creatures.

Keziah loved her Oma and choose to stay with her Oma even though Oma treated her badly because of dementia. Keziah is a growing up teenager who should be experiencing a normal life with school, friends, and romance. But instead, she had to look after her Oma. I've never had to deal with anyone with dementia before, so I didn't know how it would be. But I sympathized with what Keziah had to go through. But still, it was nice to see how Keziah love her Oma. I love reading the memories Keziah had with her Oma back from when she was little.

The author did a great job in writing The Goat Children. The story is a bit slow at certain parts, but I love the pace. What I like about The Goat Children by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek is that there are bits of fantasy. The world of the Goat Children fascinates me. It sounds magical what with the wing horses and the fight to destroy evil. I think I wouldn't mind reading a book about the Goal Children if the author decided to write about them.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my review.

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