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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

#BookReview Husband Wanted by Charlotte Hughes

Husband Wanted
by Charlotte Hughes

Genre: Women's Fiction, Romance
Publication: February 24th 2016 by Victory Editing
Format: ebooks
Source: NetGalley/Victory Editing
Connect: Website | Goodreads
Frannie Brisbane knew it was an impossible scheme, but unless she went through with it, the daughter she had given up thirteen years ago and who now wanted to visit, would discover that Frannie had painted a very different picture of her life in the letters they’d exchanged. Frannie’s close friends rally around her, and next thing she knows, she is living in a mansion and wearing designer clothes.

The only thing missing is a husband.

Confirmed bachelor, Clay Coleman, has ulterior motives when he agrees to play the role of loving husband, but Frannie, who nursed a crush on him for years, fears she is flirting with danger in their role of let’s pretend. But Frannie and Clay aren’t the only ones keeping secrets. Sooner or later, the truth comes out, exposing everyone involved. Can Frannie ever get past her hurt when she discovers the truth about Clay?
Husband Wanted was a quick, romance read. The story began when Frannie's daughter, whom she had given up thirteen years ago, wants to visit. Unfortunately, Frannie had lied to her daughter about her life. Now, she needed to find someone to pretend as her husband just for a few days until her daughter returned home.

I fell in love with the book's blurbs right away. I love humorous romance read and I was in the mood for something quick, fun read. Husband Wanted starts great. I like the author's easygoing writing style.The premise sounds interesting, but some of the scenes were a bit unreal. The book was fun, but I thought that the characters are lacking in depth. The relationship between Frannie and Clay move on too quickly. There were a few twists towards the end that I enjoyed, but the hasty ending disappointed me.

This book was definitely great if you're looking for something light, fun, romantic read. I do enjoy reading Husband Wanted, but I thought the storyline and the romance part could be better.

I received a copy of this book from the Netgalley & Victory Editing in exchange for my review.

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