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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Review: Snow White Lies by Sarah J. Pepper

Snow White Lies
by Sarah J. Pepper

Genre: Fantasy, New Adult, Romance
Publication: Published April 26th, 2015
Format: ebook
Source: ARC
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“Evil poisons everyone. Period. Our mouths water when we sink our teeth into what we have always craved. Surrendering to our desires by biting off delectable piece of the forbidden fruit is nothing more than a meager confession: Poison tastes sinfully sweet,”—Confessions of the Big Apple Debutante, by blogger Miss Snow White.

I’ve read Sarah J. Pepper’s Death of the Mad Hatter, and I really like it. But, when I was offered to read this book, I'm not sure what to expect. I mean, the blurbs didn’t give out much, but it’s mysterious enough to make me want to read it. Plus, I am tempted by the gorgeous cover!

Snow White Lies by Sarah J. Pepper is a fairy tale retelling of Snow White with lots of twist. And the author writes it brilliantly. Everyone in Sarah J. Pepper’s Snow White is not the character we used to know. The dwarves in this story, for example, didn’t act as Snow’s protector, and they’re not very nice. Snow White isn’t as innocent as we all thought she is.

I have to admit that it was hard to get into the book at first. It was confusing at first with the switching through past and present. Besides, I didn’t really like Snow. She’s a rich spoil girl who acted like a B. But the story is amazing. It is not what I expect with darker themes, and lots of twist that makes me want more.  Anyone who enjoyed fairy tale retelling would definitely enjoy this book.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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