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Monday, October 13, 2014

Review: Confessions of a Paris Potty Trainer by Vicki Lesage

Confessions of a Paris Potty Trainer
by Vicki Lesage

Genre: Autobiography, Chick Lit, Humor
Publication: January 2014
Format: kindle
Source: ARC
Connect: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads
Diapers, tantrums, and French bureaucracy - the crazy life of an American mom in Paris.

Former party girl Vicki trades wine bottles for baby bottles, as this sassy mommy of two navigates the beautiful, yet infuriating, city of Paris.

How does she steer a stroller around piles of dog poop? Or find time for French administration between breastfeeding and business meetings? And will she ever lose the baby weight with croissants staring at her from every street corner?

This hilarious memoir will have you laughing, crying, and wiping up drool right alongside Vicki as she and her ever-patient French husband raise two children in the City of Light.
I enjoyed Vicki Lesage's first book, Confessions of a Paris Party Girl, and was excited to receive another memoir from her. Vicki is an American, living in Paris with her French husband. The book was about Vicki’s pregnancy and her the experience in Paris.

Confessions of a Paris Potty Trainer were as hilarious as the first book. But I enjoyed this book more than the first one, probably because there are less partying. I love Vicki’s voice. She’s funny and she can be a little mad, which is a good thing, because she made me laughed so much. I just couldn’t put down the book. It was interesting to see Vicki would compare the culture of American and French. My favorite part of the book the apartment hunting. Now, I’m really curious to see how the apartments in Paris!

This book is highly entertaining. There wouldn’t be a single moment where you would find the book, boring. I definitely recommend this book (and the previous one) and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I received a copy of this book from the author to provide an honest review.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing my book! So glad to hear you enjoyed it. You should definitely come to Paris to check out just how crazy the apartments are!!



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