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Friday, June 7, 2013

On Tour: Where's the Groom? by Sophie Meyer - Review + Q&A

Sophie Meyer is now on tour with CLP Blog Tours with her book,Where's the Groom? Please visit her tour page on CLP Blog Tours for more blog stop and a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card!

Where's the Groom?
by Sophie Meyer

Genre: Chick Lit, Romance
Publication:  February 3rd 2013
Format: kindle
Buy: Amazon, Barnes & Noble 
Ashley, just turning thirty, is stuck with a string of bad dates that keep getting worse. The last of her group of friends to be single, she’s quickly becoming hopeless about finding The One.

When a friend convinces her to attend a new-age workshop on making your dreams come true, she gets onto a roller coaster she can’t get off of. The poignant and hilarious comedy of errors begins. The workshop sweeps through her life like a tornado and turns her reality upside down. She is told: visualize it, and he will come. But Ashley takes it seriously, and before she knows it, she’s planning a wedding. There’s only one problem: there’s no groom.

Things quickly spiral out of control as one misunderstanding after another occurs, and Ashley’s friends and family find out a wedding is happening, and want to know who the groom is. Backed into a corner, she finds herself having to lie, and to make her wedding planning more and more a reality. Things intensify as Ashley chooses her bridesmaids and is caught in a whirlwind of looking for dresses, choosing a venue, finding a band, and everything else. Soon a date is set, invitations are sent out, and there is no backing out!

In the meantime, Ashley is desperately dating, hoping for The One to show up in time! In a shocking ending with a twist, Ashley draws true love into her life in the most unexpected way.

I received a copy of Where's the Groom? by Sophie Meyer from CLP Blog Tours as part of the blog tour.

Ashley just turned thirty and wanted to find The One and get married like most of her friends. But after she was dumped prior her thirtieth birthday, she was not sure if she would find the right guy. Then her friend, Ray, her yoga instructor convinced her to attend a workshop on making dreams come true. And to make her dream comes true; Ashley started planning on her wedding. But the problem is, there’s no groom.

I love romance comedy and was really excited to read Where's the Groom. Planning a wedding with no groom? Doesn’t that sounded fun? The author’s writing style made it hard for me to get into the book at first. I guess the book was lacking of something at the beginning of the book. But then as I read the book, I began to enjoy it, especially when Ashley began to plan her wedding. It was difficult for me to put down the book. I need to know what will happen to Ashley and how she was going to get herself out from what she had put herself into.

Where’s the groom? was definitely a fun romance read. I would definitely recommend this one for anyone who was looking for a quick, light, humorous read with a bit of romance.

Author Q&A

1. Please introduce yourself and your book.
I’ve been writing since I was about ten and have always loved romance, romance novels, films, plays and the real thing in our lives.

2. What inspires you to write this book?
I have also been very involved studying and working with love, relationships and many new age practices. Where’s The Groom? is a lively, zany, humorous romance which is based in the new age ideas about love.

3. Are there any similarities between you and any of your characters?
I identify with the main character, who has had a rough time with relationships and wonders if she’ll ever find the One.

4. What do you consider as the fun parts in planning a wedding? And what about the not-so-fun parts?
For me, the fun parts of planning a wedding are having all the people you love and the groom loves meet each other, make friends, and enjoy many pre-wedding events. I love bringing people together. The difficult part of wedding planning is trying to make so many different people happy, the right location, time, seating, dresses, on and on. It can become quite a three ring circus.

5. What are your favorite romantic comedy reads or movies?
I love Pretty Woman, Sleepless in Seattle, Gone with the Wind, Moonstruck.

6. What are you working on right now?
I am working on the next step – a novel about star crossed soul mates.

7. Anything you would like to say to your readers?
Please suspend your disbelief and sense of reality for a little while as you read this book. Go on the ride with her and you’ll find that what happens may resonate for you in all kinds of unexpected ways. And, of course, enjoy!
Author Bio:

Sophie Meyer has been writing for years, and has always been in love with love. With a background in psychology, philosophy and theater, she's helped many find love, avoid detours and climb out of inevitable pitfalls. The essence of her life and work are exploring the wonderful, spontaneous and unpredictable surprises life loves to provide. She also offers talks and workshops on finding and living a life of love.

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