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Monday, May 13, 2013

On Tour: The Folly At Falconbridge Hall by Maggi Andersen - Review

Maggi Andersen is now on tour with ABG Reads Book Tours with her book, The Folly At Falconbridge Hall. Please visit her tour page on ABG Reads Book Tours for more blog stop.

The Folly At Falconbridge Hall
by Maggi Andersen

Genre: Historical Romance, Mystery
Publication: December 2012 by Knox Robinson Publishing
Format: ebooks
Author:  Website, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Blog
Vanessa Ashley felt herself qualified for a position as governess, until offered the position at Falconbridge Hall. Left penniless after the deaths of her artist father and suffragette mother, Vanessa Ashley draws on her knowledge of art, politics, and history to gain employment as a governess. She discovers that Julian, Lord Falconbridge, requires a governess for his ten-year-old daughter Blyth at Falconbridge Hall, in the countryside outside London. Lord Falconbridge is a scientist and dedicated lepidopterist who is about to embark on an extended expedition to the Amazon. An enigmatic man, he takes a keen interest in his daughter’s education. As she prepares her young charge, Vanessa finds the girl detached and aloof. As Vanessa learns more about Falconbridge Hall, more questions arise. Why doesn't Blythe feel safe in her own home? Why is the death of her mother, once famed society beauty Clara, never spoken of? And why did the former governess leave so suddenly without giving notice?

I received a copy of The Folly At Falconbridge Hall by Maggi Andersen from ABG Reads Book Tours as part of the blog tour.

Vanessa Ashley lost everything after her father’s death. Instead of moving in with her uncle, she decided to work and find herself a job. Vanessa then found herself a position as a governess at Falconbridge hall for Lord Falconbridge’s ten year old daughter, Blythe. Some questions arose as Vanessa began to learn more about Blythe and Lord Falconbridge. Why is it that no one spoke of Blythe’s mother, death? And why is it that the former governess left without any prior notice?

I must say that I absolutely adore Vanessa. I love how she refused to stay comfortably with her titled uncle, and instead, finds herself a position as a governess. Vanessa is a compassionate woman. I adore how she treated Blythe and win her heart. I enjoyed reading the interaction between Vanessa, Blythe and the Lord Falconbridge.

The Folly At Falconbridge Hall was a historical romance with a bit of mystery (although not too much). The romance part was a bit predictable, although I was surprised with Vanessa and Julian, Lord Falconbridge’s progress halfway through the story. I certainly wasn’t expecting that. But I love how the story was focusing more on Vanessa and Blythe at the beginning instead of Vanessa’s romance relationship. I think the author did a great job in building the story line. I also like how the author added in a little bit of mystery of the former governess’s sudden disappearance in the book. It certainly makes the story much more interesting. I couldn’t stop myself to know what had happen in the past, and what will happen next.



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